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Academics and Growth
  • Since the inception of school, we have been following the Montessori method developed by Maria Montessori for the Kinder Garden. We are affiliated to the CBSE for class I to XII we follow the curriculum and the testing pattern prescribed by the CBSE.
  • Kindergarten – LKG & UKG
PRIMARY WING (Classes I to V)

The school lays emphasis on teaching with interactive methods and focusing on the vocabulary building. All the communicative skills are enhanced by teaching pronunciation through phonetics.


Continuous Evaluation is conducted meticulously with various activities and tools prescribed by the CBSE. Regular assessment is undertaken through various debates, contests, projects and presentations to develop communicative and multifaceted skills

  • The senior students are prepared for the challenges ahead in a much-planned way. Regular assessments are conducted throughout the year to keep the students’ burden free at the end of the session for their final exams. Two pre-board examinations are held to prepare the students for facing the Board Examination of class X and XII confidently.
  • The course taught during the initial months of the session is not left even if it has been tested. All the important components are recapitulated in the month of February so that the students are well prepared for the next class. A comprehensive revision is done during the month of February. This system is followed for classes LKG to VIII and XI.
  • Classrooms have been turned into lively learning platforms and the students enjoy a multi-sensory learning experience leading to an improved understanding of concepts taught at school. By adding Smart- Class to our activity oriented and child–centered teaching methods, we meet the requirements of all the learning styles. The teaching methodology has been transformed from laborious method of verbal explanation to very interactive and graphical presentation, making teaching more interesting to the teachers and learning easy and enjoyable for the students.