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Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

Keeping in mind the emerging social, cultural, and economic changes; we at Nehru International Public School strive to impart value-based learning experiences through Modern Education. We encourage each child to succeed by expanding their abilities. The school also ensures the development of each student’s potential to its fullest extent. Our focus is to provide stimulating knowledge that helps in proper grooming of the child’s social, intellectual, emotional, and cognitive skills, thereby preparing them for real-life challenges.

Our Vision

We are a team of highly dedicated professionals committed to lending a hand in our nation’s growth by setting forth quality education. While not forgetting to instill a fine blend of human values, i.e., discipline, ethics, high morals, and compassion for raising responsible citizens.

Our Goal

As the famous Japanese proverb says, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” We as educators reckon on making a difference in society by providing quality education to the youngsters who will lead the upcoming future. At Nehru International Public School, we ensure that those in our care are given every opportunity to develop into wise and courageous human beings. We aim to meet our goal by:



=> Increasing cultural competence within the premises for staff and students.

=> Creating a network with other administrators to build collaboration amongst staff and students.

=> Increasing students’ achievements on standardized testing by setting high expectations for global competence.

=> Challenging staff to think out of the box to promote professional growth by following best practices in the educational reforms.