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At Nehru International Public School we set our priorities for maintaining a conducive and eco friendly ambience. Keeping this in mind, our class rooms are properly ventilated and sunlit for making the students physically comfortable. The space ratio of every classroom is 25sqmtr. per student. The furniture is according to the growth of the students.

The infra-structure is well equipped and is provided with spacious and well-equipped labs, be it Science, Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths or English.

The sports room is well-set for the indoor activities. In the expansive playground, the students are provided with proper training of Volley-ball, Basket-ball, Kabaddi , Skating and Taekwondo.

With the onset of the Hi-tech revolution, we have been woefully caught in the trap of pollution box. In this highly polluted world of 21st century when the world is debating on international climate change around the globe, we are also committed to preserving and protecting the climate. We focus on spreading greenery around the premises. To enhance the eco-balance, we have flowers and perennial plants.

Our sole attachment towards plants has encouraged us to build a green-house to protect them from heat and to encourage the students in appreciating their importance.


  • RO treated water for drinking.
  • A very large games park and indoor activity rooms.
  • Smart classes for fast and retention based learning.
  • Well equipped Labs: Computer, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
  • Very well ventilated, well-lit and spacious classrooms as per specified norms.
  • Hobby classes to teach Skating, Teakwondo, Cricket, Dance, Music and Creative craft and public speaking.
  • Well planned extracurricular activities to instill healthy competition and leadership qualities.
  • Large library having books on innumerable topics to satiate and promote the reading needs.
  • A sick bay to provide first aid and basic Medicare. Regular medical check-ups conducted by qualified doctors.
  • A Counselor is always present in the school to handle the emotional and psychological needs of the students.