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Outdoor activities such as picnics and excursions are required in a school curriculum. They play an essential part in today’s educational system. A physical visit to a historical, cultural, or sporting interest location complements a child’s understanding and curiosity about it.

Excursions and picnics provide students with additional educational opportunities by informing them about the many sites in and around their community as well as in other areas or cities.

Educational trips increase students’ knowledge and extend their view on the outside world and improve self-management skills.

Field trips are wonderful educational experiences for both students and instructors. They are intended to improve all students’ educational experiences and offer pupils opportunities to learn outside the classroom. While these visits are frequently educational and eye-opening for many children, they need teamwork and team preparation among school administrators, teachers, other school personnel, parents, and students.

Keeping this in mind, our school conducts field trips at least once a year, and our students/scholars look forward to them with enthusiasm and excitement!

At Nehru International Public School, we always take the initiative to organise excursions and picnics where students are taken out of the school grounds for activities such as Rocksport – adventure camp, NCC Camps, Waste to Wonder Park, field trip to the zoo, theme park, flower show, historical places, worship places, and many more.